Filter-Carbonator with Panel


490 368 MacDonald Steel - HDP

Beer Filtration is important for product quality, consistancy and clarity. HDP offers filters for primary, secondary and sterile filtering applications.

  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters
  • Plate and Frame Sheet Filters
  • Sterile Cartridge Filtration

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Pilot malting

Pilot Malting

480 640 MacDonald Steel - HDP

HDP has designed and built Pilot Malting Plants for Reasearch and Development.

  • Single or Multiple Vessel Malting
  • Steeping Control +/-0.5 deg C
  • Germination Control +/-0.5 deg C
  • Kilning with break through monitoring
  • Dissolved Oxygen Measurement & Control
  • C02 Measurement & Control
  • Recipe files for Steeping, Germination and Kilning
  • Simulated macro scale conditions
  • Quick Change parts for different batch sizes
  • HMI interface with full logging and reporting capabilities.
  • pH measurement
  • Fully Automatic or Manual Mode Operation
  • Waterhouse and Conditioning units customized to match customers geographic region
  • All Stainless Steel Construction

Our pilot plants include flexible and comprehensive control and monitoring systems for research and testing purposes. For more information regarding Pilot Malting Products, please contact HDP.


Hop Dosing Tanks

1024 489 MacDonald Steel - HDP

Three Vessel Hop Dosing Module with Air Actuated Valves

Brew On Premise

Brew on Premise

640 480 MacDonald Steel - HDP

HDP offers a wide variety of products for the Brew on Premise Industry

  • Kettle Systems
  • Full mash wort production
  • Wort Coolers
  • Wort storage vessels
  • Oxygenators
  • Yeast injectors
  • Filtration and carbonation units – manual and automatic
  • Bottle fillers for beers, ciders and wines
  • Bottle fillers and crowners for beer, ciders and wines
  • Bottle rinsers, washers, soakers, for beer, ciders and wines
  • Batch Pasteurizers
  • Keg washers and carboy rinsers
  • Bottling tables
  • Cold rooms

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Peripheral Products

640 480 MacDonald Steel - HDP

Over the years HDP has developed a diversified line of peripheral products to meet the practical needs of brewpubs and microbreweries.

  • Malt Mills (2 and 4 Roll)
  • Wort Spindle Station: Copper or Stainless
  • Water Deaeration Systems
  • CIP Systems
  • Yeast Propagators
  • Yeast Transport Containers
  • Brewery Laboratory Station
  • Glycol Chillers
  • Spent Grain Handling Systems
  • In-line Garbonators
  • Grist Hydrators
  • Yeast Injectors
  • Oxygenators
  • Control and Monitoring Instrumentation
  • Bottle Fillers, Fillers / Crowners
  • Bottle Washers – accommodate a variety of bottle sizes
  • Flash Pasteurizers
  • Tunnel Pasteurizer (Both pilot and microbrewing systems)
  • Automatic Keg Washer and Fillers for all Keg styles
  • Walk in cold rooms
  • Water Filters
  • Beer Filtration
Pilot Brewing

Pilot Systems

640 480 MacDonald Steel - HDP

HDP’s pilot systems are designed in a variety of styles complete with all utilities integrated into the system for ease of installation. Various levels of pilot automation are available.

Our pilot systems are a great solution for:

  • Brewing research
  • Product development
  • Product and ingredient testing
  • Training and testing
  • Macro brewery use
  • Micro brewery use
  • Specialty products on a small scale
  • Scaling brewing formulations

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Micro Brewery

1024 576 MacDonald Steel - HDP

HDP custom designs each micro brewing system specifically around the following parameters:

  • Operational performance
  • Repeatability
  • Safety
  • Flexibility – infusion and decoction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Multiple brews per day

Equipment packages include:

  • Malt storage, conveyance, milling and weighing
  • Multi-vessel Brewhouse
  • Fermenting vessels
  • Conditioning Vessels – vertical and horizontal
  • Filtration
      • Primary
      • Secondary
      • Sterile
  • Glycol Cooling Systems
  • Packaging – rotary and linear fillers
  • Brewing Automation
      • Manual
      • Semi-automatic
      • Automatic

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Restaurant Brewery

1024 631 MacDonald Steel - HDP

Benefits of a Restaurant Brewery

  • Control your market
  • Increase profitability
  • Attract new customers
  • Alter the theme of an existing restaurant
  • Create new profit generating center

HDP Restaurant Brewery Approach

HDP manufactures showcase brewing systems using traditional and contemporary materials. Architectural and restaurant themes are complimented by the rich colors and finishes of copper, brass and stainless steel. Our system will produce the finest beers, efficiently and reliably.

Each of our Restaurant Brewery packages are tailored to your project needs including:

  • Financing
  • Brewery layout and design
  • Site preparation drawings and information for 3rd party contractors
  • Complete installation and commissioning of the brewery system
  • Beer formulations and raw material sourcing

Equipment packages include:

  • Malt storage, conveyance , milling and weighing
  • Brewhouse
  • Fermenting and aging cellars
  • Filtration
  • Cooling Systems
  • Packaging

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